Case Labelling

Case labelling innovation that manufacturers can rely on

Adaptable and intelligent, Cobalt Case Labelling systems (TUC) cater for bar-code labelling of cases via side, top, front, bottom and two adjacent sides.

The modularity designed in our systems ensures both natural adaptation and upgrade opportunities guaranteeing a Cobalt Case Labelling solution that meets your packing lines needs both today and in the future.

If you require different information on labels applied to the same case, then speak to us. This is just one of a range of innovative capabilities the new Nexus 20 case labelling technology provides.

Designed in consultation with production management from leading manufacturers, our systems have been developed to maximise uptime/OEE with the lowest cost of ownership.

To see why leading manufacturers work with Cobalt and how our case labelling systems can help you, why not watch our videos below.

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