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VS40 Spec Sheet

VS40 Machine Vision Smart Camera

The ultra-rugged VS40 delivers a broad set of capabilities required to meet complex image capture requirements, all in a single package. Tailor the device to your specific needs with flexible options, from decode range, illumination and connectivity to power and more. Add advanced machine vision tools with simple software upgrades. And the highly intuitive Zebra Aurora software platform delivers the ground-breaking simplicity required to make the VS40 extremely easy to setup, deploy and run.

The VS40 is ideal for:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing

Is the VS40 Machine Vision Smart Sensor right for you?

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    Inspections on your production line are key to product quality. Whether you need to determine simple absence and presence or require complex defect detection, there is a Zebra Machine Vision System designed to meet your needs.


    The VS40 is loaded with class-leading features, including:
    • Image Perfect
      Eliminate bypassed systems and false rejects with perfect images. In one trigger event, capture up to 16 different images, each with its own unique setting for focus, exposure gain, illumination control and more.
    • Feasibility Setup Assistant
      Ensure your jobs work right from the start. This patent-pending feature identifies whether the jobs you create will be successful — and calls out the steps to address any issues.
    • Golden Image
      Compare Rapid troubleshooting for failed image capture. Compare any image to a golden ‘perfect’ image created at setup to immediately locate the source of the image degradation — such as a dirty lens, lighting issue or misalignment of the camera.
    • USB-C
      Limitless expansion options. Easily connect all the peripherals you need — from a printer or tablet to an external drive and more.
    • PoE+
      Power it all over Ethernet. Power the VS40 right over your Ethernet cable — no more costly power drops and no more power supplies to purchase and manage.

    Tech Spec

      Intuitive platform that makes it easy to set up, deploy, and run the VS40
      Decoder Packages and Machine Vision Toolsets
      Dual Ethernet, PoE, Serial, USB-C
      Powerful integrated red and white illumination
      1.2 MP; 1280 x 800 pixels
      ImagePerfect, Golden Image Compare, Feasibility Setup Assistant and more
      Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, TCP/IP, CC-Link

    Works Well With

    Zebra Aurora™ Software

    Zebra Aurora provides a unified platform to set up, deploy and run our Machine Vision and Fixed Industrial Scanner portfolio.

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