How to maximise production uptime with in-line real-time barcode monitoring

Eradicate Emergency Product Withdrawals (EPW) and keep your production line moving.

Barcode integrity is more important than ever.  Without correct inline barcode monitoring in place, you risk production downtime and costs from emergency product withdrawals and reworks.

With the increased use of barcodes and applications such as Unique Device Identification (UDI) or Serialisation and Aggregation, now more than ever, you need a partner who really understands label challenges.

Labels are being used more frequently for legal information such as formulations, declaration, ingredients with allergy bolding and globally harmonized system (GHS) labelling. 
As such, security around the labelling process needs to be extremely robust.
This is where we can really help.

When you work with Cobalt you not only get award-winning technology like the Cobalt Sentinel, you get a team of experts dedicated to advise and resolve labelling challenges.

If you have barcoding challenges or simply need advice, why not contact us today? The Cobalt team are ready to help.


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  • What is Verification?

    Barcode verification checks the quality and scannability of a barcode by examining the visual aspects of the code in-line with industry standards and specifications. ISO/IEC 15416 requires 7 attributes to be tested in up to 10 separate positions of each barcode to devise an alphabetic grading from A to D, or fail.
  • What is Validation?

    Barcode validation is a process that confirms that the data within a barcode is correct. Validation is an important process as the whole point of a barcode is to identify a product or package through automatic data capture technology. If the data encoded within a barcode is incorrect, then the data capture operation fails. This can result in production line downtime, shipping errors and sometimes renders the actual product unusable.
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    Using a scanner to test the barcode will only tell you if it can be read by that particular scanner, but a barcode verifier will allow you to grade each barcode’s quality. Read More


    The Cobalt Sentinel has the ability to verify barcode quality on print and validate the data is correct and on case/pack/pallet post application. Read More
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