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Over many years of partnership with leading manufacturers, we have seen numerous labelling challenges.

Our remit is to solve problems, improve client operations and understand what would work best for our customers. Occasionally standard solutions are simply not appropriate.

Here are just some of the specialist applications we have developed in conjunction with our long-term customers.

Smart SSCC Labelling

Cobalt’s Smart SSCC labelling solution uses 2D codes on the TUC (case/pack) labels to carry line/batch specific information required for the SSCC label.

This can be read automatically or in semi-automatic environments to then populate and print the SSCC labels.

Cobalt Pallet Manager

Like the Smart SSCC Labelling, Cobalt Sentinel's Pallet Manager uses 2D codes on the TUC (case/pack) labels to carry line/batch specific information required for the SSCC label. Alongside this, the Pallet Manager provides an optional Sentinel on board and optional pallet volume profiling.

Ultimately, the pallet manager was developed to provide a fully integrated system ensuring all pallets are labelled correctly. Barcodes are verified, sequence validated, case count correct and receipted back into the ERP system providing a holistic solution.

Cobalt Sentinel Compact

Cobalt develop portable validation system for pharmaceutical applications.

Cobalt were approached to create a compact validation system which could easily be moved to different packing stations for short batch runs. The purpose of the system was to validate packaging and leaflet inserts for pharmaceutical products. As such it was essential to take the disciplines of Cobalt Sentinel in line validation systems but to create this within a compact portable unit and hand-held barcode reader.

The operator simply enters the product number to be packed and then scans the pharmacode on the outer box to check it is correct for the product and then also scans a barcode on additional leaflets to ensure they are correct too. Users are alerted with a red screen if the packing is incorrect and 3 consecutive wrong reads will lock the system with supervisor required to unlock via password and investigate why the wrong packaging is been selected. The system features a local database which can be updated via USB stick.

If you are experiencing labelling challenges, it’s quite possible we have experienced it before.
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