Introducing the Nexus Print Manager
Onboard: Secure, intelligent, label print management

Print management simplified in 3 easy steps

The onboard Print Manager for Nexus is a basic label printing program that is installed directly on the applicator and accessed through the local touch screen. This allows the operator to select a record from the onboard database, enter up to 2 additional manual fields, such as a best before date or batch code, and print the completed label to the local printer.

  1. Print Manager PC Software

The print manager software allows  you to set up and  administer your database of product and label design templates and simply transfer information via a USB flash drive.   This enables the user to be able to configure any variable fields.

  2. Print Manager Onboard – Data Management

Plug in your USB device and  load database and label template on to the applicator.  You can now select the product data from the applicator touch screen.

3. Print Manager Onboard – Confirm and Print

Select and preview the product data and enter up to 2 manual fields. For instance best before data and lock codes.

Proceed to print labels to your desired criteria.

Product Database:

  • Software: +

    Nexus Print Manager for Windows PC.
  • Administer: +

    Add, edit and delete product data.
  • Update: +

    Transfer the database to the Nexus applicator using a standard USB flash drive.
  • Records: +

    Up to 250 product records per database can be stored.
  • Fields: +

    Up to 14 fixed database fields with configurable field titles (Fixed on the Nexus Screen).
  • Built-in: +

    Uses internal database, so no external database required.
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Label Templates:

  • Software: +

    Nexus Print Manager.
  • Design: +

    Label templates are designed in standard NiceLabel Designer by Cobalt or customer.
  • Store: +

    The templates are converted and downloaded to the printer using the PC based Nexus Manager software.
  • Formats: +

    Up to 10 label formats per printer can be stored.
  • Fields: +

    Up to 2 additional manual entry fields for data that isn’t available from the database, for example, best before date and batch code.
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Nexus Operator Interface:

  • Security: +

    Password protected access to Print Manager controls.
  • Selection: +

    Select the required product data from a list of product codes and when the product is selected the description, customer and barcode number fields are displayed on screen.
  • Entry: +

    Enter up to 2 additional manual entry fields, for example, best before date and batch code.
  • Print: +

    Label data is sent directly to the printer from the Nexus, so no additional data connections are required.
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