Zebra Printheads

Guaranteeing a longer lifecycle of operation

The printhead is a vital printer component that creates the image on the face of the media.

For your mission critical operations, worn or damaged printheads should be replaced immediately. Cobalt choose Zebra, not only because of the reliability of performance but also because every Zebra printhead is easy to install.

The excellent engineering standards of Zebra guarantee a longer lifecycle of operation and continued reliability and performance from your printer. Here’s why Cobalt choose Zebra:

  1. Quality: Zebra’s replacement parts and printheads go through a rigorous inspection procedure and are made from high quality materials that guarantee superior performance
  2. Reliability: Zebra parts and printheads are designed to drop directly into the fitting, preventing error during use.
  3. Performance: Zebra parts and printheads keep your printer operating like new, thanks to its unsurpassed fit and function design.

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