Primary Packaging Labelling

Efficient labelling applied directly to the product’s packaging

Primary packaging is the packaging which comes into direct contact with the product itself. While the main purpose of primary packaging is to protect and preserve the product – especially foodstuffs –, it also serves to inform the consumer.

That’s where primary packaging labelling comes in, applying the labels to the packaging in contact with the product, including – but not limited to – crisp packets and wine bottles; shampoo bottles and cosmetics containers; cereal packaging and bread packaging. Primary packaging can be applied to anything from flexible plastic to glass or aluminium, requiring machines that can label them appropriately.

Cobalt offers primary packaging labelling as part of wider packaging automation systems, allowing you to achieve synergy between different parts of your production and packaging lines. The Cobalt team can advise you on where to use primary packaging labelling in your set-up, and our experts can install the easy-to-use, intuitive machines in your production line.

Primary packaging labelling can cover a range of different products, and with Cobalt-installed machines, you can be sure that your production and packaging lines are as effective and synchronised as possible.

David Williams Cheese Case study

Primary packaging labelling can include pre-printed labels – such as logos, standard warnings, and other static data – as well as dynamic, individualised labels for each product, using print and apply technology. The example of David Williams Cheese shows a system utilising both pre-printed labels as well as individually-printed labels; Cobalt can design a configuration with either one of these, or both, depending on your specific requirements.

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