Print and Apply Labelling Automation for Pharmaceutical Companies

Cobalt’s automated print and apply systems help Pharmaceutical businesses achieve highly accurate traceability, faster production times and full compliance with international standards when shipping products around the world.

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Shipping pharmaceuticals is a highly complex, carefully regulated process

From production through to point-of-delivery, the Pharmaceutical industry faces unique and difficult challenges when shipping products. In addition to meeting regulations set by the WHO, and the requirements of the origin and destination countries, Pharmaceutical companies are tasked with shipping logistically challenging medical goods, such as vaccines, safely.

Pharmaceutical products are required to be fully traceable throughout the supply chain, and they often need to be shipped in exacting conditions, such as precisely-controlled temperatures and careful handling. Failure to maintain compliance can ruin whole batches of products, which can have a very high cost, both financially and in terms of public health.

Product labelling plays an essential part in ensuring each product can be traced, shipped and handled in the correct conditions, but when facing a public health crisis, the need to maximise production times and deliver larger batches can put labelling accuracy and quality control at risk.

Why Automate Pharmaceutical Barcode Labelling?

Automating your labelling process eliminates human error from your packing line. Cobalt’s print and apply solutions deliver highly accurate pharmaceutical labelling, and are capable of maintaining a high level of precision even when operating at very high speeds for long periods of time.

Each of our pharmaceutical print and apply machines features integrated In-line barcode verification, ensuring that every batch of products is correctly marked, and carefully verified prior to shipping. Our print and apply systems can be configured to print critical information such as SSCC and GS1 codes in real-time, and apply them to packs, cases, pallets and other types of packaging.

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Our Pharmaceutical Print and Apply Solutions Deliver:

Real-time print and apply labelling and verification on your packaging lines.

Reliable printing and application of labels on a variety of challenging outer packaging surfaces.

Highly accurate, onboard barcode verification, in-line with pharmaceutical and shipping industry standards.

Fast, efficient, and consistent printing and application to keep up with your production demands.
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