Print and Apply Labelling Automation for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Cobalt’s automated print and apply systems improve compliance, efficiency, and reliability at the point of production.

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Food and Beverage manufacturers face some of the tightest restrictions on traceability of any industry.

Whether shipping within the UK or in international markets, regulations such as EC Regulation 178/2002 require food and beverage manufacturers to clearly label and accurately trace products throughout the supply chain.

From production right through to the supermarket shelves, the ability to trace your products is essential in the event of a product recall.

Why Automate Food and Beverage Barcode Labelling?

Manual barcode labelling operations are extremely limited in scalability, offer little opportunity for process improvement and are highly susceptible to human error.

Mistakes in barcode labelling could have dangerous consequences for accurate traceability and may prove costly for your business relationships and your bottom line. Supermarkets can institute fines for illegible or incorrect coding, and some even operate a three strikes approach: three separate deliveries with errors and you could never supply that supermarket again.

Not only do you need a barcode, but it needs to be accurate, and it needs to be right.

Aside from legislation and commercial relationships driving compliant barcode labelling, there are obvious gains to be made in terms of reduced manual intervention too. Relying on human resources for functions that can be readily automated will often cost more in the long run and barcode labelling is a prime example of that.

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Our print and apply guide is tailored to food and beverage manufacturers, and covers everything you need to shift from manual to automated barcode labelling in a pain-free, simple and cost-effective way.


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Our Food and Beverage Print and Apply Solutions Deliver:

Real-time print and apply labelling and verification on your food or beverage packaging lines.

Reliable printing and application of labels on challenging outer packaging surfaces.

Accurate, integrated barcode quality verification in-line.

Faster, more efficient, and more consistent printing and application than manual operation.
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The Cobalt labeller has enabled us to make the case labelling operation more efficient, increase product traceability and give our products a more professional presentation.

Sarah Darlington, Director, Mrs Darlington's

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