Rugged Tablets

Versatile, durable and customisable; Ideal for use in the field and indoor industrial settings.

Rugged Tablets offer a great mobile computing solution for field work and warehouse work alike. The Zebra range provides a huge variety of options and configurations, with a choice of 2-in-1 laptop models, traditional pad style tablets and models that support both Windows and Android operating systems. WiFi coverage and 5G support is also available on selected models.

From the super-lightweight ET5x series to the ultra-rugged ET8x series, and many options in between, there’s sure to be a rugged tablet solution suited to each worker across your organisation. Tablets are also available in Vehicle Mount Computer configurations, and offer a great mobile computing alternative to Handheld Computers when screen size is important.

We can help you choose the right model and range to your requirements, assist with the setup and configuration of your new tablets, and advise on integration and compatibility with your current and future systems.

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ET8x Rugged Enterprise Tablets

Advanced 2-in-1 business laptop-tablets that are thin and lightweight for use inside or in the field.

Suitable for staff on the move, from field service technicians, first responders through to manufacturing line workers. Available as a standalone tablet or with a detachable keyboard for use as a remote workstation.

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ET6x Rugged 2-in-1 Laptop-Tablets

Advanced, adaptable rugged business tablets that boost productivity and streamline your operations.

Zebra ET6X devices can be used as tablets, laptop alternatives, or vehicle-mounted computers, and are equipped with a host of features to expedite stock control, inventory management and other barcoding tasks.

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ET5x Rugged Android Tablets

Zebra ET5x (ET51/ET56) rugged tablets are the thinnest and lightest tablets available from Zebra, giving your workers enterprise-class durability, data capture, ease-of-use and flexibility.

Suitable for a range of business applications, from retail inventory management to manufacturing and logistics environments.

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L10/L10ax XPAD/XSLATE Tablets

The L10/L10ax series offers both Windows and Android tablets with a broad range of different options and configurations, depending on your needs and working environment.

Workers can choose between a traditional tablet style (XSlate) or a tablet with a rigid handle and built in barcode reader (XPad).

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Talk to our technical team to determine the tablets and mobile computing solutions for your business, working environment and existing systems and hardware.

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