Nexus 20 GS1 Three Side Pallet Printer Application

The intelligent 3-sided pallet Print and Apply system

Our engineering teams developed this application for customers that need the flexibility of opposite side pallet labelling and occasionally 3 -sided labelling to assist warehouse operations.

The application print and applies SSCC A5 Pallet labels to 1, 2 or 3 sides of a pallet without the need to rotate the pallet on a turntable. As well as the flexibility the application offers, the system guarantees 100 % validation and receipting, with all labels being validated for application and correct data content. The completed pallet is then receipted into stock automatically. From an operational point of view, the application is totally automated, secure and offers an excellent ROI for manufacturers.

Features Benefits
GS1 compliant SSCC labelling to 1,2 or 3 sides Flexible for requirements up to 3 sides without additional labelling systems or turntables.

Compact modular design Low operational footprint in the production area. Easy upgrade to this system by changing the application tool.

Optional Sentinel onboard - verification Optional Sentinel onboard - verification

Optional Sentinel onboard - validation 100% validated SSCC labels are applied and in sequence.

Optional pallet receipting Automatically receipt a verified, validated SSCC labelled pallet directly into SAP or equivalent system.

Industry leading 3-year warranty Resilient by design, low maintenance costs. Fixed price service packs available.


We anticipate that the integrated nature of the solution will be highly beneficial, with its user-friendly interface requiring minimal input from staff. All in all, this partnership has delivered a neat, clever solution to what was a complex problem in an amazingly short space of time.


Maureen Alison, Head of IT at Halewood International

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