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7 April 2021

New ‘Super-Deduction’ Tax Benefits – Could now be the right time to explore packaging line automation?

Automation is likely to play a pivotal role shoring up the UK’s manufacturing industries as businesses learn to cope with fluctuating demands. Companies investigating ways to automate packaging activities have been given a new incentive by the Chancellor that will help the business case for Plant & Machinery investment by…

19 October 2020

Cobalt Systems solves JG Ross labelling challenge

With significant changes to the food retail industry in recent years, bakeries are having to adapt their wholesale strategy and operation, including sealing and labelling of products. Ordering pre-printed labels is both expensive and requires space for stockholding, however, by investing in a print and apply labelling system, not only…

14 October 2020

What are the labelling challenges for shrink wrapped packs?

Shrink wrapped packs can pose a labelling problem for manufacturers. Implementing the right technology solves the issue, as Cobalt’s UK sales manager, Chris Hunt explains; “Packs come out of the shrink wrap tunnel wide-edge leading, with a requirement to label the front face. When packs are shrink wrapped and the…

3 September 2020

Correct Consumables = Increased Uptime; the case for quality label use in print and apply systems

For manufacturers operating print and apply barcode labelling systems as part of their packaging line, or for those exploring the options, getting to grips with consumables at the outset can be a massive time and cost-saver. The market is flooded with options for labels and ribbons to use in thermal…

21 July 2020

Is social distancing a problem on your packing line?

With the introduction of social distancing measures, end-to-end automation to facilitate fewer people along the production line will be the aim for some manufacturers as the pandemic rumbles on. For those companies who have partially automated the process already, extending automation beyond production and into packaging processes will make a …


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