NEXUS 20 E-Blade

The NEXUS 20 E-Blade labels a fixed point on cases of variable height. For products of a fixed width, the NEXUS 20 E-Blade offers an ideal solution for green and efficient labelling on one side of a box or case.

The NEXUS 20 E-Blade is perfect for cases on low- and mid-speed production lines, applying the label in the same point for each case. For a case of the same width but variable height, such as cases of paper in a stationary company, the NEXUS 20 E-Blade offers reliable labelling in the same location each time.

Use Cases

  • Variable Height Cases

Product Overview

Element Specification
Application Type Side of the product
Label Width 80mm - 110mm
Label Length 60mm - 110mm
Apply Speed Up to 53/min
Configurable Inputs 2x volt free [E-stop / Applicator Reset]
Configurable Outputs 3x volt free [Applicator Healthy / Apply Complete / Media Low]
Warranty 3 years as standard


  • Integrated colour touchscreen controller for machine status and settings.
  • Simple numbered media path for ease of loading.
  • Single or dual product sensor inputs. Outputs for beacon stack and user controls.
  • Compatible with Cobalt standard floor stands and integrated conveyors.
  • Motor-controlled side wipe apply mechanism for up to 110 x 110mm labels.
  • Fixed datum apply position.
  • No pneumatic air supply required

Print and Apply Product Brochure

All our Print and Apply systems are backed by our industry-leading three-year warranty for total peace of mind.

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