Machine Vision Systems

Machine Vision scanning systems Reduce production defects, increase throughput and improve efficiency.

Extend your scanning capabilities with state-of-the-art smart cameras. Whether you need simple or complex quality inspections on your production line, there is a Zebra solution that is perfect for the job. Upgradeable features allow you to meet the evolving needs of your business via the purchase of a simple software license. And with Zebra Aurora™, you can easily set up, deploy and run it all from a single unified software platform.

We are committed to providing the most appropriate product for your vision and inspection requirements and often that’s not the most seemingly obvious choice of product.

Book a free discovery session with our specialists to uncover exactly what machine vision equipment suits your operating environment and we’ll help you save money, drive efficiencies, and deliver rapid ROI.

See Our Machine Vision Systems in Action

Zebra’s Machine Vision solutions feature a family of smart cameras designed to enhance your operation. From simple track and trace to complex quality inspection checks, you always know what’s happening and can anticipate issues before they impact your operations.

  • Easy to set up, deploy and run
  • Proven industry-leading technologies
  • Upgradeability – add features with a software license
  • One software platform to manage the entire portfolio

Inspections on your production line are key to product quality. Whether you need to determine simple absence and presence or require complex defect detection, there is a Zebra Machine Vision System designed to meet your needs.

Our Machine Vision Systems

VS20 Machine Vision Smart Sensor

The VS20 brings a new level of simplicity to your machine vision solutions. With multiple connectivity options, the VS20 can be easily integrated into your PLC or Host network to feed processes across your business, improve product quality and help meet production goals.

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VS40 Machine Vision Smart Camera

The ultra-rugged VS40 delivers a broad set of capabilities and can meet complex image capture requirements, all in a single package. Tailor the device to your specific needs with flexible options, from decode range, illumination, and connectivity to power and more.

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VS70 Machine Vision Smart Camera

The customisable VS70 is built to enable machine vision in the most complex processes and challenging environments. Whether you need a wide-angle lens to capture large parts, a zoom lens to inspect a distant component or a specialised lens for precise measurements, the VS70 can do it all.

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Iris GTX Smart Camera

Iris GTX smart cameras provide fast high-resolution image sensing, efficient dual-core embedded processing, and comprehensive I/O capabilities. Dust-proof, immersion-resistant, and extremely rugged, Iris GTX are at home in tight spots and dirty industrial environments.

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Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision Systems are ready to help automate key supply chain processes, from the creation of products on the production line through storage in the warehouse to fulfilment in the distribution centre. Download our brochure to discover the full portfolio.


Download Your Free Brochure

Our automation experts have put together a brochure on the benefits of Fixed Industrial Scanner and Machine Vision Solutions in Collaboration with Zebra Technologies.

Using vision and scanning technology can assist businesses in automating code reading, ensuring seamless goods tracking and improving validation and verification, thanks to innovative automation software.

Download the brochure here and learn how these automation solutions could benefit manufacturers, warehouses, factories, supply chains and goods distributors.

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A 20 minute discovery call will allow us to help you streamline production processes and enhance verification with our Machine Vision and Fixed Industrial Scanner Solutions so that you can ensure the right products arrive at the right place at the right time.

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