Nexus 20 Dual-Sided Pallet Printer Applicator

Fast-pallet labelling technology that delivers 100 % Validation

Faster than any pallet wrapper on the market, the innovative Nexus 20 GS1 compliant Pallet printer applicator can Print and Apply 2 SSCC A5 pallet labels to 2 adjacent sides without stopping the pallet. The throughput speed means you can service multiple lines and reduce the number of pallet wrappers and printer applicators required. Using an automated and secure critical process, the pallet applicator delivers 100 % validation and receipting checking for both label application and correct data content simultaneously.

Features Benefits
Highest speed pallet Print and Apply (2 adjacent sides) Front and Side labels can be applied without stopping the pallet, exceeding the performance of the fastest wrappers.

Lowest cost GS1 compliant SSCC labelling solution System uses natural pallet movement rather than moving machine around a stationary pallet.

Optional Sentinel Onboard - verification 100% barcode verification

Optional Sentinel Onboard - validation 100% validated SSCC labels are applied and in sequence.

Optional pallet receipting Automatically receipt a verified, validated SSCC labelled pallet directly into SAP or equivalent system.

Industry leading 3-year warranty Resilient by design, low maintenance costs. Fixed price service packs avaiable.


We chose Cobalt for their expertise in both data integration and equipment. The Cobalt nexus is well designed, specified to exceed the performance we require, giving us more opportunity to increase through-put in the future.


Paul Clifford, Engineering and Manufacturing Director, Aston Manor

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