Print and Apply Labelling Automation for Life Sciences

Cobalt’s automated print and apply systems eliminate the risk of incorrect labelling from human error, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and international shipping laws.

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Labelling Compliance in Life Sciences

For Life Science organisations, it’s vital to ensure compliance with GHS and GS1 standards in every item that leaves the packaging line.

Chemicals and other potentially hazardous products with missing or incorrect labels are at risk of being mishandled, which could have disastrous consequences.

Your print and apply labelling hardware, software and packaging processes are key to meeting these requirements, and for keeping clients, end-users and the general public safe. However, maintaining high levels of compliance can often come as a financial burden due to reduced lead times and hours spent on labelling and validating products.

Why should Life Science organisations automate print and apply?

Automated print and apply systems offer improved labelling accuracy and consistent label placement, eliminating the risk of human error at the point of label application.

Cobalt’s NEXUS 20 Print and Apply machines include onboard label verification right on your production line, meaning they can verify every label once it’s applied to check barcode quality and compliance with industry standards. Not only this, but a single print and apply machine is capable of printing over 80 labels per minute.

With automated Print and Apply, packing and labelling for Life Science products is both faster and more reliable than hand-labelling.

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