Pack Labelling

Whatever your pack labelling challenges, our market-leading, high-speed shrink-wrapped pack (TUC) labelling technology and expert management support can be relied upon to generate a rapid return on investment for your organisation.

Delivering speeds of 80 packs per minute with incredible accuracy, our real-time Print and Apply pack labelling systems do not need speed synchronisation or special conveyor systems to operate, driving down your cost of ownership.

Our Pack Labelling Solutions

NEXUS 20 E-Beak

Innovation in shrink wrap pack labelling with no compressed air required.

This highly accurate machine is implemented and maintained at a minimal cost and delivers real-time labelling without speed synchronisation or special conveyor systems.

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NEXUS 20 E-Contact

With simplified controls for operators, the NEXUS 20 E-Contact automatically synchronises label speeds with products.

Its accumulator prints and applies simultaneously for use on high-speed lines. Its low maintenance and robust design ensure an excellent ROI and low cost of ownership.

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NEXUS 20 Pivot

The NEXUS 20 Pivot is a real-time, high-speed label applicator for front application to shrink wrap packs.

Delivering rapid labelling of 80 packs a minute, the NEXUS 20 Pivot delivers real-time labelling to the long side of shrink-wrapped packs without the need to turn the pack first.

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Technical Servicing & Maintenance

We offer a range of service and maintenance options. Our three-year service packs deliver unbeatable value and include annual on-site servicing.

Alongside our three-year warranty on Print and Apply machines, you can have confidence your solution will deliver performance, value and peace of mind.

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Our Solutions

Our latest technology, the Nexus 20 range, is engineered in the UK for the most demanding industrial applications.

Unrivalled versatility | Connectivity | Ease of use | Performance | Reliability | Robust Engineering | Longevity | Low TCO

All our Print and Apply systems are backed by our industry-leading three-year warranty for total peace of mind.

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Pack Labelling Challenges

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Speak with one of our experienced technical team to find out how we can help meet your pack labelling automation needs.

A 20-minute discovery call will allow us to tailor the right solution to your packing environment to give you better pack labelling performance today and greater potential for tomorrow.

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