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Zebra Aurora™ Software

Zebra Aurora provides a unified platform to set up, deploy and run our Machine Vision and Fixed Industrial Scanner portfolio. Bringing a new level of elegance and simplicity to controlling enterprise-wide manufacturing and logistics automation solutions, this simple but powerful interface is easy to use, eliminating the need for different tools and reducing training and deployment time.

Our Solutions

Cobalt provides a configurable software interface that integrates our holistic solutions with Zebra’s advanced Aurora™ device management platform and all its Machine Vision smart cameras and Fixed Industrial Scanners, pulling everything into one easy-to-manage platform for you.

  • Combine Zebra Aurora™ with your existing ERP/MRP systems
  • Create a joined-up solution to optimise your start and end of line operations.
  • One tool simplicity
  • Highly intuitive interface
  • Unique, on-demand features
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See Zebra Aurora™ Software in Action

Whether you need Fixed Industrial Scanners to track packages as they move through warehousing and distribution or Machine Vision Smart Cameras for quality inspection during production, Zebra Aurora gives you one powerful tool to manage it all.

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