Mobile Computers for Barcode Scanning

We all know that to succeed in today’s digitally connected business world, workers need the right tools for faster, smarter and better working.

We incorporate Zebra’s portfolio of mobile computing hardware and software tools into our customer-focused solutions to help them increase barcode scanning performance across their operations.

We’re committed to helping you choose the right mobile barcode scanning solution for your business. Our approach is to find you the right solution based on what works for you and we’ll only ever recommend products that are appropriate for your business.

A free discovery call with one of our barcode specialists can often uncover great opportunities to optimise your specifications, reduce your costs and offer greater efficiencies.

Mobile Computers for Barcode Scanning: Handheld Solutions

With a Zebra mobile computer, workers can easily access the necessary people, information and applications needed to get the job done, wherever they are, resulting in increased productivity and a great customer experience.

We work with customers to identify mobile computing solutions for specific barcoding applications and Zebra’s range of handheld barcode scanning computers provides our customers with the best and latest technology available.

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Mobile Computers for Barcode Scanning: Vehicle Mounted Solutions

Our ultra-rugged range of Zebra vehicle-mounted barcode scanning computers are designed to withstand even the harshest industrial environments. The range equips workers with mobile scanning solutions that increase their productivity and deliver higher levels of compliance in your barcode verification processes. They’re made to be mounted on material handling equipment and withstand extreme temperatures, shock and vibration to maintain operational continuity.

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