NexPlex® is a unique label and print solution which is transforming the ecommerce returns process. Developed in consultation with the Ecommerce and Logistics sectors, NexPlex® is a real-time printed, multi-layered label with order specific detail, layered together to form just one label document.

With the continued growth of the online retail market, there is a fierce demand for greater automation and efficiency. Price and service online are no longer just the primary drivers for customer retention. The simplicity and cost-efficiency of allowing customers to return unwanted goods is essential in winning customer loyalty.

The NexPlex® Solution

  • NexPlex® integrates all returns documents into one real-time, layered, delivery label
  • The consumer benefits from a simple, step-by-step returns process increasing customer satisfaction
  • All personal data is removed from the returns package
  • Returns are fast-tracked back into stock
  • NexPlex® labels are printed and applied using Cobalt’s Nexus20 onto the side or top of cases.
  • NexPlex® can also be used in bagging lines where the Cobalt Nexus20 is used to apply the label onto the film before formed around the contents.
  • This is extremely time-efficient and secure, removing all risk of a missing document or incorrect document insertion.
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NexPlex® in Action

The reverse side of the top label contains returns instruction for the consumer to follow. Unlike the current practice, the consumer can then dispose of this label safe in the knowledge that their personal details have been completely removed from any return packaging.

Left on the packaging is a peel out returns note and questionnaire, which is simply inserted into the package on completion. Remaining on the package is the returns label, permanently adhered and ready to be posted.

NexPlex® with Friedheim Packaging

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