A unique label and print solution which is transforming the Ecommerce returns process.

For Ecommerce packaging and returns, NexPlex offers an all-in-one label solution to make the process swift and easy. NexPlex has been designed with the retail and logistics sectors in mind, offering a multi-layered label printed in real time.

NexPlex comes complete with order-specific detail, layered together to form just one label document, while protecting customer personal data.

This solution is perfect for products that might be returned with a need to ensure that full data protection is applied to the process of returns – such as in Ecommerce.

The NexPlex® Solution

Developed in consultation with the Ecommerce and Logistics sectors, NexPlex® is a real-time printed, multi-layered label with order-specific detail, layered together to form just one label document.

With the continued growth of the online retail market, there is a fierce demand for greater automation and efficiency. Price and service online are no longer just the primary drivers for customer retention. The simplicity and cost-efficiency of allowing customers to return unwanted goods are essential in winning customer loyalty.

Why use Nexplex®?

NexPlex® integrates all returns documents into one real-time, layered, delivery label, offering a number of benefits for you and your customers.

Fast Application

NexPlex® labels are printed and applied to the side or top of cases or bags using Cobalt’s Nexus 20.

Fewer Errors

NexPlex® removes all risk of missing documents and incorrect document insertion.

Quick Returns

Returns can be easily processed upon arrival and fast-tracked back into stock.

GDPR Compliance

NexPlex® allows for personal data to be easily removed from the returns package.

Better Experience

Your customer enjoys a simple, step-by-step returns process, with minimal hassle.

NexPlex® labels are automatically printed and applied by our innovative Nexus 20 print and apply systems and can be integrated into your shipping process in a variety of ways.

Talk to our team for personalised advice on how NexPlex® can work for you.

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