Nicelabel Integrator News Story

July 30th 2020

Cobalt Systems becomes UK’s Integrator Partner for NiceLabel

Thursday 30th July 2020 Print and apply labelling solutions provider, Cobalt Systems has announced its Integrator (partnership) status achievement with NiceLabel, a global developer of label design software and label...

Webinar Graphic

May 21st 2020

Our webinar in partnership with NiceLabel® - Coding and automation: The new landscape in software integration

How integrated is your production hardware with your software systems? Do you struggle with disparate and fragmented label applications? Is your company IT dependent for label design? Are your barcode...

Nicelabel Free License Covid 19

April 28th 2020

FREE Label Cloud software from NiceLabel for organisations aiding the COVID-19 response

Many companies are helping to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and here at Cobalt Systems we want to help them get much needed food and medical equipment/supplies to those in need...

Cobalt Statement

April 15th 2020

COVID-19 Statement from Cobalt Systems

As COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to impact the global community, we would like to extend our thoughts and support to those affected by the virus, and to share our gratitude to...

Flag Of Portugal

March 18th 2020

Cobalt announce partnership with FJAC to enter Portuguese market

Cobalt are delighted to announce a distributor partnership with Portuguese production specialist FJAC. Engineers from FJAC recently visited Cobalt Systems Head Office and were left enthused about the Cobalt Nexus...

Cobalt Min

March 19th 2019


Do your printers have all the functionality, reliability, ease of use and network security you need? Or could they actually be putting your business data, productivity and growth at risk? ...

Cobalt Min

February 11th 2019

Industrial Printer Discontinuation Table

  Last Updated: 17th May 2019 End of Life Printers: No longer sold by Zebra but still serviced and supported through Service and Support Discontinuation Date.  Printer Model Last Order Date Service & Support Discontinuation Date Replacement Model 105SL Plus 02/04/2018 02/05/2023 ZT510 110Xi4 02/04/2018 02/05/2023 ZT610 110Xi4R (RFID) 02/04/2018 02/05/2023 ZT610 with RFID 140Xi4 02/04/2018 02/05/2023 ZT620 170Xi4 02/04/2018 02/05/2023 ZT620 ZM400 30/09/2014 30/12/2019 ZT400 ZM600 30/09/2014 30/12/2019 ZT400    * TRADE IN AVAILABLE WHEN LOOKING TO UPGRADE YOUR PRINTER - CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION *   End of Support Printers: No longer sold, serviced or supported after Service and Support Discontinuation Date.  Printer Model Last Order Date Service & Support Discontinuation Date Replacement Model 110PAX4 15/09/2013 15/11/2018 ZE500 170PAX4 17/05/2013 15/11/2018 ZE500   For more information, please give us a call on 01270 539 800.

Premier Labellers News Partnership

July 13th 2018

We've teamed up with Premier Labellers!

  We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Premier Labellers. Based in Bathside Bay, Essex, Premier are one of the UK's leading manufacturers of labelling machine systems with solutions installed and serviced across the globe. Their ethos is very much aligned with Cobalt's which makes them an excellent partner to us. We will be recommending their systems to our customers. Visit Premier's website here, or give them a call on +44 (0) 1255 553 822 for more information.

Print Engine 1

July 3rd 2018

Discontinuation Notice of Service and Support of PAX4 Print Engine

 Now is the time to upgrade In less than 4 months, Zebra will no longer support Zebra PAX4 print engines, which means parts and accessories will be obslete. If you have ever been frustrated by the speed of engineering response or experienced downtime from print engine repair, now is the time to upgrade. With every brand new Zebra ZE500 print engine,Cobalt Systems are offering a FREE 3 Year, return to base service pack. With the ZE500's hot-swappable functionality, you can make lengthy operational downtime a thing of the past.   Call Cobalt on 01270 539 800 for more information.  Terms and conditions apply.


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