Visibility IQ

Instant Business Intelligence on Your Zebra Devices

VisibilityIQ is an extremely powerful software suite from Zebra which allows your I.T and Operational staff to ensure your business’ devices are being utilised to their full potential.

It connects up all of your handheld computers, LinkOS-enabled printers, scanners, RFID readers and other Zebra devices, empowering data-driven decisions with predictive and actionable analytics across your entire device fleet, all from a single dashboard.

VisiblityIQ provides a complete picture of how things are being used, if there are issues, if something is being under or over-utilised, and it can make suggestions on how to resolve any problems.

Enable a portfolio of tools to generate data-driven, actionable insights, get instant business intelligence about your Zebra devices and leverage the most from your assets, workers and daily tasks.

Get a Full View of Your Mobile Device Health

Get a full picture of your devices, with operational insight reports and API integrations. Visibility IQ offers near real-time access to device health and status:

  • Utilisation: Maximise efficiency by knowing where and how your devices are being used.
  • Settings: Monitoring device settings remotely, and keeping them set up optimally.
  • Alerts: Keep operations moving with customisable alerts and notifications.
  • Battery Usage: Prevent worker downtime by identifying and removing underperforming batteries from circulation.
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Keep Printing Operations Running Smoothly from Anywhere

Remotely monitor your printing devices and more visibility into your printer inventory:

  • Smart Battery Health: receive clear recommendations of the exact batteries in your fleet that need to be replaced now or soon. Identify batteries with health issues not lasting a full shift.
  • Printer Alerts: Get immediate information on the health of your printer, including clear tags of whether the head element is bad.
  • Device Disruptions: Identify and troubleshoot problem applications that frequently crash, problem devices that regularly reboot, flag poor user behavior.
  • LifeGuard & Application Analytics: keep on top of OS security patches and application versions.
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Prevent Device Loss with Predictive Insights

VisilityIQ Foresight provides a business with a full understanding of their mobile computer, scanners, and printer inventory, both from current and historical views.

The platform enables businesses to plan device allocation across different sites, ensuring that each location can support immediate business needs, plan for busy seasons, and adapt to anticipated change in business device needs.

With Visibility IQ, you can also minimise device loss and theft by leveraging the last known access point information to locate and recover.

Visibility IQ can provide multiple views of your Zebra devices:

  • “Total Devices”: see which devices are on site, in operation, in repair, in spare pool, or inbound to customer.
  • “Devices in Operations”: View your full inventory categorised by utilisation and contact status.
  • “Newly Activated Devices”: Track and monitor the newest additions to your fleet.
  • “Geo Locations”: A clickable map view of your devices.
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Ask about Visibility IQ

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