Linerless Label Printers

Enhance your productivity sustainably by removing liner waste from your label printing

Zebra ZeroLiner Linerless Printing Solutions are complete linerless desktop printing and media solutions for your business, engineered and quality tested for premium linerless printing.

With linerless printing, you can improve sustainability and productivity. Linerless printers minimize waste and your carbon footprint by eliminating label backing, and can save on down-time and boost output with up to 50% more labels per roll.

Reap the benefits of a smart, cost-effective and flexible labeling solution. Zebra’s linerless range of desktops features several direct thermal printers to choose from, with options for various budgets and price points.

If you’re not sure what you need, a free discovery call with one of our barcode labelling supply specialists can often uncover opportunities to optimise your printer specifications, reduce your costs and offer greater efficiencies for your industrial labelling operation.

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Why Go Linerless?

Longer Maintenance Intervals

  • Up to 50% more labels per roll means fewer roll changes
  • Increased printer uptime reduces interruptions
  • No liner take-up equipment to look after

Simple and Easy to Use

  • Printer and labels designed to work together
  • Less jamming than the competition
  • No calibration or additional setup – just drop in a roll and print

Streamlined Workflows and Workplace Safety

  • No need for peeling labels
  • No disposing of the backing liner
  • Fewer boxers of labels to transport and store
  • Reduced slip hazards from liner piles beneath printers


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Linerless Direct-Thermal Desktop Printers

Zebra Desktop printers provide a bridge between consumer grade printing and industrial level printing. We are able to supply, support and maintain a wide selection of printers from the range.

The direct thermal versions of both the ZD611 and the ZD621 series of printers support linerless printing.

ZD611 Linerless-Ready Desktop Printers

Flexible, compact desktop printers that deliver high levels of performance and security alongside supporting linerless label printing.

The Zebra ZD411 Series offers reliable printing in a compact format that can fit almost anywhere. Print linerless labels up to 2 inches wide with direct thermal printing methods.

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ZD621 Linerless-Ready Desktop Printers

Zebra’s most advanced non-industrial desktop printer.

In addition to linerless support, the ZD621 series comes with remote management capabilities and enhanced features, communication and media-handling options alongside an optional full-color LCD touch display with intuitive menu to make configuration easy.

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Powered by LINK-OS®

Link-OS is Zebra’s one-of-a-kind enterprise printer operating system. Enabling advanced connectivity capabilities, extensive device management and advanced privacy controls, no other printer OS delivers this level of intelligence and innovation across your business’ printing operation.

Printers running Link-OS are supported by our powerful Print DNA suite of Applications, Utilities and Developer Tools, making it simple to create robust, adaptable, and intelligent print solutions.

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By eliminating the need for traditional label liners or backing papers, linerless print and apply offers a streamlined and eco-friendly solution that combines convenience, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.

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