Essential Cuisine Min

Jamie McGregor, Production Director, Essential Cuisine

Innovation in Shrink Pack Labelling with no compressed air required Delivering speeds of up to 80 packs a minute, this highly accurate machine delivers real-time labelling with no need for...

Halewood Min

Maureen Alison, Head of IT at Halewood International

We anticipate that the integrated nature of the solution will be highly beneficial, with its user-friendly interface requiring minimal input from staff. All in all, this partnership has delivered a...

Aston Manor Min

Paul Clifford, Engineering and Manufacturing Director, Aston Manor

We chose Cobalt for their expertise in both data integration and equipment. The Cobalt nexus is well designed, specified to exceed the performance we require, giving us more opportunity to...

Cobalt Min

James Aston, Technical Solutions Manager, Cobalt Systems

The system caters for different customer ID requirements without the need to change label reels or any additional set up between different batches. For instance, customers can separate logistics from...

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