Cobalt Prime Label Applicator

The Pre-printed label applicator that complements Nexus 20 systems

Designed for combination systems with both Print and Apply, and apply only, the Cobalt Prime is an incredibly intuitive, operator friendly system.

Developed for pre-printed label application, from the award-winning Cobalt team, the Prime has the same operator interface as the ground-breaking Nexus 20 range of Print and Apply applications, simplifying its use for operatives. With integrated colour touchscreen control, it’s ease of use, alongside low maintenance costs, means the PRIME has become a very popular product with manufacturers who require pre-printed label application.

Features Benefits
Pre-printed label application only Compact version of Contact minus Printer and Accumulator. Designed for combi systems with both Print and Apply, and Apply Only, maintaining the same operator interface and set up as all Cobalt Nexus Printer Applicators.

Integrated colour touchscreen control Simplified control for all users.

Industry leading 3-Year warranty Resilient by design, low maintenance costs. Fixed price service packs available

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