Print and Apply innovation transforms operational capacity for specialty food company.

With exponential growth in the sales of specialist cheeses, and increasing volumes in production, David Williams Cheese needed to review their labelling operation. Managing Director, David Williams recognised that investment and expertise was needed to continue the company’s growth:

“Before engaging Cobalt Systems, we were hand-applying labels, but as volume increased, there was a lack of consistency and issues would arise with incorrect labelling affecting the presentation of the products. It was clear we needed to address these issues, to meet increasing customer demand.”

Cobalt’s solution is designed around the environment with space a priority, Cobalt engineers specified and installed the innovative real-time Nexus 20 Print and Apply applicator, a solution designed around the environment to reduce the production area footprint. The Nexus 20 applicator was installed to apply two labels; the first being a decorative label and a second plain white barcoded label harboring variable

information such as dates and batch numbers. Ease of use and access was a major consideration for this project with easy access to media replenishment and an integrated HMI screen allowing a consistent user interface while allowing both machines to be controlled separately.

18 month ROI and 25 % more output on the line delights DWC.

Moving from stepped production flow to a continuous process greatly increased throughput, providing 25% more output on the line. The system also significantly reduced reliance on manpower, saving money, improving efficiency and providing an estimated 18-month ROI.

David Williams was delighted commenting:

“The technology provided is excellent and has greatly reduced our operational footprint providing space for future expansion.”

With an increasing client base, both locally and globally, an understanding of the future strategy of David Williams Cheese played a key part in Cobalt’s project delivery.

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