Handheld Barcode Verifier

A disciplined approach to off-line sampling will deliver results.

Handheld barcode verifiers are essential for achieving sample barcode verification to ISO/IEC 15426-1 standards. In-line barcode verification cannot be achieved to the ISO standard but equivalent grades can be achieved, making a combination of both solutions your most reliable option for barcode verification

Accredited, trained operators must use calibrated equipment as part of a regular sampling process to introduce discipline to barcoding practices and deliver the best results. Off-line testing is a rigorous process which audits barcoding procedures, but it is essential when it comes to barcoding best practices.

If an incorrect barcode is identified, corrective action can be taken. When it comes to handheld verification, the quality of your sampling method and the speed that results are interpreted are critical to to capturing failures quickly and reacting before production, packing, and distribution.

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Our handheld barcode verifiers allow you to achieve ISO/IEC 15416 standard barcode verification.

ISO/IEC 15416 requires 7 attributes to be tested in up to 10 separate positions of each barcode to devise an alphabetic grading from A-D, or fail.

These are:

  • Decode – checks that the area being scanned meets the criteria of a recognised barcode format.
  • Minimum Reflectance – compares the reflectance of the bar to that of the background.
  • Symbol Contrast – measures the overall range of contrast between the bars & the background media.
  • Minimum Edge Contrast – measures the definition of the poorest bar in the code.
  • Modulation – measures the consistency of reflectance throughout.
  • Defects – ensures bars are complete and spaces are empty.
  • Decodability – measures the dimensional accuracy of the barcode.

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