The Cobalt Sentinel In-line Barcode Verifier

In-Line barcode verification checks the quality and scan-ability of a barcode by examining the visual aspects of the code in-line with industry standards and specifications. ISO/IEC 15416 requires 7 attributes to be tested in up to 10 separate positions of each barcode to devise an alphabetic grading from A to D, or fail.

Cobalt Sentinel is our award-winning in-line barcode verification system that verifies barcode quality at the point of printing and validates data on cases, packs or pallets post-application.

The Cobalt Sentinel is now an integral part of all Nexus 20 Print and Apply systems, having been condensed to create the Sentinel Onboard.

Integrated Verification, Right on the Production Line

The Cobalt Sentinel in-line barcode verifier is an integral part of the modern production line and monitors the printing and application of labels to products.

Data inputs and outputs provide for a broad range of reactive activities including the operation of reject lanes, controlled line stoppage, line speed reductions and the activation of remote beacons further upstream.

With an operator-friendly interface, the status of barcode quality is shown through a beacon and on the main Sentinel screen, allowing an informed decision to be made to prevent unnecessary line stoppage.

Combine the Sentinel with accredited handheld barcode verification to achieve ISO/IEC 15416 compliance.

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