The Cobalt Prime Label Applicator

Pre-Printed Industrial Label Application Solutions

The pre-printed production line applicator to complement NEXUS 20 automated labelling systems.

Designed for combination labelling machines with both print and apply, and apply-only application, the Cobalt Prime is an incredibly intuitive, operator-friendly system for applying labels to products and goods.

Developed for pre-printed labelling by our award-winning team, the Prime has the same operator interface as the ground-breaking Nexus 20 range of print and apply applications, simplifying its use for operatives.

Thanks to its integrated colour touchscreen control, its ease of use, and low maintenance costs, the Cobalt Prime has become a top-rated product for manufacturers requiring pre-printed label application, right on the production line.

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A Comprehensive Label Applicator Solution

The Cobalt Prime label applicator offers a state-of-the-art solution for applying pre-printed labels on your production line.

Designed for combi systems with both integrated print and apply, and apply-only application methods, this production line label applicator maintains the same operator interface and set-up as all Cobalt NEXUS Printer-Applicators, hugely simplifying the operator experience and giving you additional production line labelling automation options to suit your products and needs.

Integrated colour touchscreen controls ensure a straightforward user experience and our industry-leading 3-Year warranty provides total peace of mind.

The Cobalt Prime is resilient by design with low maintenance costs and attractive fixed-price service packs to make its cost of ownership affordable and predictable.

All of our Print and Apply systems are backed by our industry-leading three-year warranty for total peace of mind.

About Automatic Label Application

What are Label Applicators used for?

An automatic label applicator is a labelling machine used to put a label on a wide range of packaging types for many different products, typically a box, case, shrink-wrapped pack, pallet, drum or other similar cylindrical products.

Label Applicators can form part of a print and apply label machine, or be used solely for pre-printed label application on a production line. You can learn more about the different application methods here.

What are the Benefits?

Automating your product labelling has a range of benefits for your packaging lines. This includes:

  • Improving the speed of labelling
  • Reducing placement errors
  • Increasing overall packaging line efficiency
  • Saving costs on label application

Automatic labelling delivers exceptional results for every production line, from small to large. Offering precise, high-speed label placement and minimising the impact of human error, they can transform the whole label printing and application process.

What Components Make up a Label Applicator?

Label applicators comprise an application cylinder or labelling head, a media handling facility, a user interface and sometimes a conveyor to move the material through the machine and onto the product. These parts work together for efficient automatic label application.

The Cobalt Prime comes equipped with the following:

  • Integrated colour touchscreen controller for machine status and settings
  • Simple numbered media path for ease of label roll loading
  • Adjustable beak angle for top, side and bottom application
  • Servo-controlled drive for accurate label placement at high speeds
  • Single product sensor input and outputs for beacon stack and user controls
  • Compatible with Cobalt standard floor stands
  • Optional encoder control to synchronise application speed with product movement

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