Cobalt Systems, specialists in real time barcode label automation, are set to launch a unique solution at IMHX demonstrating the NexPlex label system.

The unique label and print solution, which has been developed in consultation with the Ecommerce and Logistics sector, produces a real-time, multi-layered label with order specific detail, layered together to form just one label document.

You can view a short video here that details the solution.

With over 50% of products being returned by online consumers, the current returns labelling process is both time-consuming and expensive, with multiple printing and packing operations required to accommodate the goods note, return instructions, return labels and returns questionnaire, all of course, which need to be unique to each customer delivery.

Data protection is also a consideration, with any returns packaging containing customer- details now needs to be destroyed, adding to the cost for the retailer.

Chris Hunt, UK Sales Manager at Cobalt Systems explained

“The NexPlex machine, integrates all returns packaging into one real-time, layered, deliver label, providing enormous advantages to the retailer. Not only does NexPlex reduce capital investment in equipment and lowers consumable costs, but it also allows a far greater speed in the preparation and dispatch of parcels.”

Customer loyalty influenced by simple return process.

The benefit to the consumer is also significant, with the system delivering a simplified step by step returns process removing all personal data from the returns package. This not only simplifies returns but also solves data protection issues for both parties.

The reverse side of the top label contains returns instruction for the consumer to follow. Unlike the current practice, the consumer can then disposes of this label safe in the knowledge that their personal details have been completely removed from any return packaging.

Left on the packaging is a peel out returns note and questionnaire, which is simply inserting into the package on completion. Remaining on the package is the returns label, permanently adhered and ready to be posted.

Chris Hunt, continued

“With the continued growth of the £30 Billion online retail markets, there is a fierce demand for greater automation and efficiency. Price and service online are no longer just the primary drivers for customer retention, the simplicity and cost-efficiency of allowing customers to return unwanted goods is essential in winning customer loyalty as over half of online goods are returned.”

NexPlex caters for both fully and part automated lines

The fully automated machine uses the Cobalt Nexus print-head positioned to the side of a production line for box labelling. When installed into an automatic bagging machine, the label is applied to the film before it is wrapped around the goods forming a shipping bag, the most common packaging format.

Many retailers, for a variety of reasons, still operate with manual stations with a person packing the goods. For this operation, Cobalt has developed the Desktop NexPlex which prints and layers the label then dispenses to the packer with the liner already removed, ready to apply.

This is extremely time-efficient and secure, removing all risk of a missing document or incorrect document insertion.

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