Shrink-wrapped packs can pose a labelling problem for manufacturers. Implementing the right technology solves the issue, as Cobalt’s UK sales manager, Chris Hunt explains; “Packs come out of the shrink wrap tunnel wide-edge leading, with a requirement to label the front face. When packs are shrink wrapped and the plastic clings to the pack, a hole is left on each of the narrow ends, also preventing them from being labelled in case it goes straight onto the product, potentially spoiling it.”

Traditionally, the packs have been reorientated to be labelled through side-apply, but it can be time-consuming and expensive to turn the pack and back again before it heads onto other processes within the line. “The solution lies in applying the label to the front of the pack,” continues Hunt. “The challenge is enabling the label applicator to come down to apply to the leading edge but quickly retracting for the line to continue uninterrupted.”

Cobalt’s high-speed front-apply Nexus 20 operates with a real-time system that prints and applies the label onto the front of the pack before retracting without interfering with the product flow. Barcodes are printed in the correct orientation, packs do not need reorientating and its high-speed output keeps up with the most demanding packaging lines. Designed and manufactured for high speed performance, Cobalt’s Nexus 20 high-speed application ensures ease of operation and longevity in the most demanding of environments.