Labelling automation solutions installed from as little as £53 per week

Like much of the world, the food and beverage industry has experienced unprecedented disruption over the last 18 months. As restrictions have eased, a number of challenges have affected food manufacturers from labour shortages, Brexit complications and compliance issues.

Many manufacturers are reporting difficulties in recruiting enough staff due to Brexit, although food production managers have been reporting a skills shortage for some time due to an aging workforce and a lack of younger skilled workers coming in to replace them. This recent staff shortage has been coupled with a sudden surge in demand as the UK has eased lockdown restrictions with the requirement from customers growing exponentially. The ‘pingdemic’ added to the disruption along the supply chain, leaving a shortfall of people to fulfil roles. The resulting demand has left food and beverage producers in a situation where they must look to automation.

Do these challenges sound familiar to you? Are you a growing business looking to automate your labelling process?

At Cobalt, we understand the challenges facing the industry and as a British manufacturer of labelling automation solutions we are here to support you through the process. A discovery call with a Cobalt team member quickly identifies packaging and labelling automation solutions guaranteed to increase end-of-line packaging efficiency. Our easy-deployment solutions can be delivered pre-configured with an intuitive, ready-to-use operator interface, commissioned by our experienced technical team who can deliver tutorials on site or via video call prior to dispatch.

Our flexible, modular solutions are created with versatility in mind, so whatever your labelling needs are we have an option to fit. Our 3-year warranty comes as standard with flexible purchasing options from £53 per week and fixed-price service plans offer peace of mind to our customers.

For a free discovery call to explore your labelling automation options, contact us today and find out why 87% of our customers actively recommend Cobalt Systems.