Leading barcode labelling automation manufacturer, Cobalt Systems is set for an action-packed and exciting time at this year’s PPMA TOTAL exhibition, as the company celebrates its 25th anniversary and reveals its next-generation print and apply labelling technology.

Established in 1997, Cobalt has long been renowned for its packaging innovation, with many firsts to market over the years. “With 25 years of strong research and development, Cobalt’s pedigree in print and apply labelling and barcode solutions is something we’re all incredibly proud of,” explains the company’s founder and managing director, Tony Hunt. “PPMA TOTAL 2022 is the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate this milestone, but also demonstrate our evolution with a fresh look for our company branding and strong product development to meet the needs of a changing world.”

Recognising global challenges to support the packaging world is at the forefront of Cobalt’s plans for the next phase of product development, as Hunt continues; “We work very closely with our customers and we know that supply and costs are currently pain points for them, with no sign of resolution in the near future. Time and again, automation supports and resolves these pain points.

Both Cobalt’s existing, well-adopted range of barcode labelling solutions and its brand new range, due for release in early 2023, provide critical automation on the production line; these not only solve the problems of labour shortages and a tough recruitment climate, but increase performance and efficiency on the production line.

“Our labelling automation solutions have always provided an exceptional return on investment for our customers,” explains Hunt. “By reducing the overall cost of ownership, enhancing our customer support channels and providing additional functionality, such as remote access, we’re ensuring Cobalt’s solutions remain relevant and sought-after for the industries we serve.”

Also at the forefront of Cobalt’s plans is ensuring it meets its Corporate Social Responsibilities, with a particular emphasis on reducing carbon footprint as Hunt explains; “We became a Carbon Neutral Business earlier this year, which is part of a wider drive to improve our green credentials. Not only is this important for the environment, but it helps our customers too, who are having to seek out suppliers who conform to their own sustainability goals. We are looking forward to discussing carbon footprint with visitors to PPMA, with emphasis on innovating greener barcode labelling automation solutions.”

As a UK manufacturer of print and apply labelling solutions, Cobalt Systems will be demonstrating an abundance of automation options at PPMA TOTAL 2022, including verification and validation applications featuring technology from its long-standing partner, Zebra Technologies. “We invite anyone looking to explore industrial labelling automation opportunities to visit our stand,” Hunt continues. “As a team of experienced problem solvers, we thrive on talking to clients about their plans and challenges. When companies talk to us earlier in their production line projects, we can make a considerable difference to their throughput and particularly to their ROI.”

You can see Cobalt Systems at PPMA TOTAL Show 2022 on stand B72.