What is NiceLabel?

NiceLabel is a suite of labelling solutions from Loftware, providing businesses with the tools to create, store, and print unique barcoded labels. NiceLabel can integrate with your existing business systems to create a seamless workflow from label design through to label application, including both small business and enterprise labelling solutions.

Across the various Loftware products, from the scaled-back NiceLabel Designer to the powerful NiceLabel PowerForms Suite, the NiceLabel range offers a choice of options to fit different business requirements, including label design software for tweaking your labels and more comprehensive solutions to integrate with existing ERP systems.

NiceLabel also offers scalability to match your demands as and when you need it to, so your labelling software solution can grow with you. We can help you with clear upgrade paths for adding more printers to your system, or even upgrading to more comprehensive systems, such as from Designer to Powerforms.

Whether you need a simple design tool or you need a comprehensive label management system (LMS), we can find and specify the perfect system for you.

What are the differences between on-premises NiceLabel and cloud NiceLabel?

The next step to take – once you’ve decided which NiceLabel programme to use – is choosing between on-site installation or using a cloud-based version. It can be tricky to work out the benefits of each, and even how they differ, so we’ve pulled together a simple guide to help you navigate between the two and how each might bring the most appropriate results for your company.

On-premise NiceLabel installation

For on-premises NiceLabel, the software is installed directly onto your server or computer on-site. Following a one-time license purchase, our consultants can help you set up the system on your servers, making sure that your labelling solution runs as efficiently as possible and is configured specifically for your needs.

NiceLabel via the cloud

With a SaaS subscription service model, you can access NiceLabel on an ongoing basis for as long as you need it and start creating labels almost immediately. With cloud-based software, you can easily perform backups and work on your label designs from anywhere, without being limited to the physical location that your office is in.

Is NiceLabel in the cloud right for you?

For fast-growing companies – especially start-ups and other organisations who have fully embraced the cloud – that need access to a reliable LMS quickly, NiceLabel Cloud is the perfect option to provide fast access to label design services. With no significant upfront investment and the simple SaaS model, NiceLabel Cloud offers an easy-to-use solution for your label management.

  • Simple, fast set-up
  • Subscription (Saas) model
  • Outsourced security management

With cloud-based software, you can outsource the security management of your systems, meaning that you don’t necessarily need a diverse and highly specialised IT team to keep on top of your data. With cloud-hosted software, the opportunity to integrate with other cloud-based programmes may be more readily available offering further production and packing line efficiencies.

Does on-premises NiceLabel work for your business?


For some businesses, software in the cloud can offer the flexibility and ease of access that they need, but for many others, the cloud might not be the perfect solution. With rising data centre costs and increasing concerns surrounding data security – especially in manufacturing industries – there has been an increasing trend of bringing programmes back onto premises.

Managing your security internally, with your own specialist IT team, can help you mitigate risks of outside influences such as hacking by keeping your systems offline and only connected to an internal server. For manufacturers with production lines that can’t afford to stop running, external security risks can mean that offline systems are the only viable solution. When offline networks are necessary, on-premise solutions are the only option.

The benefits of offline on-premise labelling software include:

  • Bringing your security in-house
  • Potential cost-savings
  • Increased customisability
  • Limiting the potential for malware in manufacturing environments that can’t afford to shut down

The fluctuations in energy prices have also made using cloud-based software slightly more unpredictable than before, with the costs that data centres are incurring rising with energy prices. These fluctuations in energy prices and the costs that datacentres incur mean that cloud-based software might not be as cheap as it once was, and can make the alternatives more attractive for companies.

For a more stable experience, some companies are finding that using on-premises versions of software is preferential.

Get in touch with the consultants at Cobalt for more information

As with most business decisions, there is no single solution or catch-all fix. The best option is to talk to an expert about the ways that your business could benefit from each. We’ll weigh up the specific requirements that you have before recommending any option and help you to decide what works best for you.

If you’d like to know more about the differences between NiceLabel Cloud, on-site NiceLabel, and any of the various Loftware label management software products, contact the team at Cobalt. We’re here to find the most appropriate level of label management system for you and provide you with the tools you need to bring an increase in productivity and reliability to your production line.

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