Retail has changed dramatically inside the space of only a few years. The rise of online retail has radically transformed the way we buy products – and this, of course, has had major implications for the logistics and warehousing sector.

Consumers today are more demanding than they’ve ever been before, and this is largely due to the convenience of online shopping – which has changed customer expectations massively. Not only do people buy huge volumes of items on the internet, but much of the time, they want either same or next-day delivery.

The logistics side of your business, therefore, needs to keep up with the pace of change. Adopting more efficient packing solutions can play a crucial role in helping you to adapt to the demands of modern retail.

A typical packing station might consist, for example, of a Zebra fixed scanner – which can be coupled to a Zero Liner label printer. Packages are passed under the fixed scanner, automatically printing the shipping label via the ZeroLiner printer.

Because the scanner can read a barcode in any orientation and there’s no need to scan it using a handheld scanner, this greatly reduces the amount of handling required. In turn, this saves unnecessary time and effort.

There are many connectivity options, but you can connect the fixed scanners simply by using a USB cable. This makes deployment very straightforward when swapping out your traditional handheld scanners.

Once the package has been scanned, the ZeroLiner printer generates and dispenses a label, which is applied to the item without the need for any messy and inconvenient backing paper. Eliminating backing paper reduces waste and disposal costs, as well as being much more eco-friendly.

In addition, removing the label gap means you don’t need as many roll changes between print runs – which again enhances efficiency and productivity.

Compared to traditional methods, then, packing station solutions can help you make productivity increases of well over 30 per cent, as well as offering a rapid return on your investment.

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