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July 21st 2020

Social distancing: Now’s the time to fill the gaps in automation

As featured in Machinery Update magazine, July 2020 With the introduction of social distancing measures, end-to-end automation to facilitate fewer people along the production line will be the aim for...

Nexplex and Nexus20 Collage

May 14th 2020

Automation, accuracy and efficiency: NexPlex® solves the returns label process for home medical tests

The ecommerce market has grown at an exponential rate that is set to continue with the increasing uptake of online shopping as we move towards a new way of living...

Unique Multi Layered Min

September 17th 2019

Unique multi-layered label system to transform Ecommerce returns market

Cobalt Systems, specialists in real time barcode label automation, are set to launch a unique solution at IMHX demonstrating the NexPlex label system. The unique label and print solution, which...

Cobalt Min

June 10th 2019


Food for thought: Have production lines missed an opportunity with barcode labelling compliance? In production circles and indeed the wider business world, the word compliance is not always met with...

Cobalt Min

January 24th 2019

The Real-Time Labelling Revolution: Why Manufacturers are Analysing the Hidden Costs and Risks of Hand Labelling

So……. is it worth doing? It’s a question often pondered in boardrooms whenever a change on a production line is being considered. But are the right questions being asked to...

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