Nexus 20 High Speed Linear Case Applicator with Sentinel

High Speed, 100 % barcode verification with total peace of mind.

With 100 % barcode verification guaranteed, the new linear pack applicator ensures complete peace of mind for production management.

Labelling at 80 packs a minute, the Nexus 20 Linear applicator, prints and applies labels to the side of shrink wrap packs and cases, verifying and grading every barcode for quality, only applying good labels in the process.

Compliant with GS1 standards, the precise and secure application uses Cobalt Sentinel onboard, an award-winning innovation that can verify barcode quality on print and validate the data is correct on case, pack or

Product Overview

Element Specification
Application Type Top or side of the product
Label Width 50mm - 170mm (168mm max print width)
Label Length 25mm - 250mm
Apply Speed Up to 85/min
Configurable Inputs 2x volt free [E-stop / Applicator Reset]
Configurable Outputs 3x volt free [Applicator Healthy / Apply Complete / Media Low]
Warranty 3 years as standard


  • Apply labels, up to 170mm (W) x 250mm (L), to the top or side of the product.
  • Apply distance from 50mm up to 600mm.
  • Pad sensor (no contact) and pressure switch (contact) available for variable apply distance control.
  • Pneumatic air supply required

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