Introducing award-winning in-line barcode verification and validation

Never worry about barcode quality.

Cobalt Sentinel has the ability to verify barcode quality on print and validate the data is correct and on case/pack/pallet post application.

The solution is now an integral part of all Nexus 20 print and apply systems having been condensed to create the Sentinel Onboard.  With the Cobalt Sentinel onboard you can be assured that the Nexus systems will never apply a fail code.

Read more about Sentinel and how it can help protect your operational throughput and security.

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In-line control with Sentinel

In high-speed production environments, barcode checking should always be part of the production/packaging process. This ensures that the very first incidence of deviation is highlighted and dealt with. In the modern production environment, it is so important to ensure poorly coded packs do not enter the supply chain. The sentinel prevents unnecessary downtime and the heavy cost associated with fines, rejects and reworking of packages post event.

Raising the standards in barcode checking

In production, the Cobalt Sentinel introduces a check to every pack and verifies the grade of every code during printing. Separate validation occurs after application to the product, regardless of position or throughput speed. The ANSI equivalent grade is displayed on the screen, in real time, and for every code.

Production line integration

The Sentinel is an integral part of the modern production line, managing the printing and application of labels to products.  

Data input and outputs provide for a broad range of reactive activities including the operation of reject lanes, controlled line stoppage, reducing line speed and remote beacon further up-stream.

With an operator friendly interface, the status of barcode quality is shown through a beacon and on the main sentinel screen, allowing an informed decision to be made preventing unnecessary line stoppage.

Secure access for operators

At Cobalt, we pride ourselves on the development of operator-friendly technology but are equally mindful of access security.  Permissions are granted at operator, supervisor, engineer and administrator levels, and only the functions available to each user are shown.

A comprehensive event log provides a full history of setting changes alongside engineer and administrator logs that show the setup and maintenance function history.

If you have a barcoding challenge or want to learn more about the award-winning Cobalt Sentinel, please contact us on 01270 839500 or email

  • What is Verification?

    Barcode verification checks the quality and scannability of a barcode by examining the visual aspects of the code in-line with industry standards and specifications. ISO/IEC 15416 requires 7 attributes to be tested in up to 10 separate positions of each barcode to devise an alphabetic grading from A to D, or fail.
  • What is Validation?

    Barcode validation is a process that confirms that the data within a barcode is correct. Validation is an important process as the whole point of a barcode is to identify a product or package through automatic data capture technology. If the data encoded within a barcode is incorrect, then the data capture operation fails. This can result in production line downtime, shipping errors and sometimes renders the actual product unusable.
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    Using a scanner to test the barcode will only tell you if it can be read by that particular scanner, but a barcode verifier will allow you to grade each barcode’s quality. Read More


    The Cobalt Sentinel has the ability to verify barcode quality on print and validate the data is correct and on case/pack/pallet post application. Read More
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