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If your business has ever experienced problems with integrating and managing numerous mobile or static barcode printers, Link-OS is the solution to your struggles.

Throughout manufacturing industries, barcode printers are becoming increasingly important to the day to day running of factories, warehouses and production facilities. Introducing industrial, desktop and/or mobile printers solves a multitude of problems related to tracking, recording and organising... but it also presents you with a handful of new problems if the system put in place is not fit for the job or well maintained. A production facility with an army of printers is hard to manage, particularly if the printers aren't communicating properly. This can either be because of their age, incompatible software, or general lack of knowledge to be able to use those printers to their full potential. This can force you to invest precious time and money into 'fixing' your printers when you could be spending that time and money elsewhere actually growing and shaping your business.




Barcode Printers can't simply be plugged in and left with the expectation that they'll do exactly what you need straight out of the box. they need to be configured to your specific requirements and updated regularly. This is easily managed when there's just one printer involved, but when you've got an entire production facility or warehouse kitted out with mobile printers, barcode scanners as well as desktop and industrial printers on the line, it becomes a more complicated and time consuming task to keep an eye on your printers performance, label and ribbon usage, and general printer health; especially if the printers are a mix of new and old with different software versions and new vs old capabilities.

That's where Link-OS comes in: Link-OS is Zebra's one of a kind enterprise operating system which enables advanced connectivity capabilities, extensive decide management and advanced privacy controls. No other printer Operating System (OS) delivers this level of intelligence and innovation.



We don't want to bore you with all the technical talk, but if you want to find out more about HOW Link-OS works, inside and out, please view the PRINT DNA Infographic and explore the Zebra website for more in depth information.


Explore the Features of Link-OS...


DEVELOPMENT TOOLS: Multiplatform SDK, Browser Print, PrintConnect, Cloud Connect, Network Connect 

VISIBILITY TOOLS: MDM/EMM Connectors, Visibility Services

PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS: ZebraDesigner, Virtual Devices, PDF Direct, Enterprise Printing Solutions, Print Station, Pairing Solutions

MANAGEMENT TOOLS: Printer Profile Manager Enterprise, Bluetooth Printer Management, Printer Setup Utility


Visit the Zebra Website for more information on specific features: https://www.zebra.com/gb/en/products/software/barcode-printers/print-dna.html


Compatible Devices:

Desktop Printers: ZD410, ZD420, ZD500, ZD500R (RFID version)

Industrial Printers: ZT200 Series, ZT400 Series, ZT510, ZT600 Series (including RFID)


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