Why some production lines are
not impacted by hardware maintenance.

Maximise uptime for your mission-critical operation with integrated, hot-swap, print engine technology.

In high speed, high throughput environments, production, uptime and hardware availability are everything.

In all printer applicators on the market, the print mechanism, control and processing elements carry the biggest load, which means they are the most common cause of downtime.

At Cobalt, all these elements are housed in one hot-swappable print engine box, so unlike other systems, if there is an issue, a replacement can be fitted in a matter of minutes. This allows any maintenance or repair to occur offline, whilst your line keeps running.

We only partner with the very best manufacturers of thermal transfer print technology; Zebra, Sato and Datamax. Using OEM engines ensures a cost-effective continuity of spares supply with the best availability; a pre-requisite for all mission-critical applications.

The Cobalt Way of operation is informed by over 20 years of industry experience that ensures your operation uptime is maximised using the best-suited print engine for your specific application.

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Zebra ZE500

Sato S84-ex/S86-ex

Datamax A-Class

Print Quality
Print Speed
Processing Speed (first label out)
Versatility of Integration
Ease of Operation
Ease of Maintenance
Cost of Ownership


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