The release of Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Designer has made creating, storing, and printing professional labels easier for businesses of all sizes, including small-scale companies which need to print labels in minutes, not hours.

The flexibility that Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Designer offers marks a shift in the ability for smaller companies to react to changes in the market and bring products to market much quicker than previously.

As a cloud-based platform, Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Designer provides the opportunities for greater collaboration within companies, allowing users to access label designs and printing operations from any location and from any computer. The impact of license keys and locally saved label templates is eliminated with cloud-based access, offering the ability to work from anywhere while still providing cohesion in label design.

Offering a system that is purpose-built for label making, the software provides companies with more limited budgets a simpler approach to labelling that might be more appropriate. With a wide range of predefined label templates, including GS1, and customisable label design templates using an extensive library, the software provides SMEs with a greater variety of options than ever before. With the help of the Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Designer online wizard, users can link their product and customer data by connecting to Excel, Google Sheets, and other data sources.

Cobalt offer consultation on Loftware NiceLabel configuration and installation, making sure that you get the right labelling solution for your business, whatever that means. Whether NiceLabel Cloud Designer is right for you, or you need a more comprehensive Label Management System, we’re able to provide advice to get you the appropriate level of label design, storage, and printing capabilities.

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