At PPMA 2023, with a focus on demonstrating our latest offerings and highlighting our drive for a carbon neutral future, Cobalt stood out amongst an excellent showing of exhibitors. As the crowning accomplishment, Cobalt won the PPMA Group Industry Award for Innovative Processing System. As an award that celebrates the finest examples of innovation, smart manufacturing, entrepreneurship and collaboration in our industry, we’re proud to say that PPMA recognised the work that we’ve been putting into our products – especially the winning bespoke print and apply solution that was designed, manufactured and installed at Zebra Technologies.

On the award-winning project, Tony Hunt, Managing Director at Cobalt Systems, commented; “The project was developed to further improve efficiencies at Zebra’s label manufacturing facility in Preston. As a Zebra Premier Solution Partner, Cobalt was already very well known to the Zebra production team and so were well placed to recommend and deliver a solution to expand the process efficiency.

“As a print and apply automation specialist, we were delighted when Zebra chose us to work with on this project. In this instance, part of our solution was integrated into the assembly process of the Zebra wristband cartridges.

“The project has created many benefits for Zebra; the whole process is streamlined and efficient, saving time and labour. By removing much of the manual process, the labels are accurately applied and scanned to ensure print quality using Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners. The elevator system has reduced the manual handling for the first operator, which means they can remain seated and comfortable throughout. The throughput capabilities of the NEXUS 20 print and apply solution, combined with the box erector means that there is the potential to step up production as the Z-band market grows.”

Furthering our commitment to sustainability, Cobalt reaffirmed our forward-thinking attitude at the PPMA exhibition with a focus on our efforts to create a carbon neutral manufacturing process. We showcased a number of low-energy machines at the PPMA exhibition, as well as a no-waste, environmentally friendly version of our offerings: a linerless print and apply machine.

In an interview with PPMA TV, Tony Hunt demonstrated the new linerless technology in action, whilst talking about the future of print and apply focused on a zero-waste tomorrow.

Highlighting the high standards and drive to never send out a poor-quality label, the interview also highlights our continuous operation offerings. We discuss the importance of making sure that every label placed is readable, which is why we put such a strong emphasis on validation.

Check out the interview here to see more about the present and the future of print and apply labelling:

We bookended our involvement with PPMA this year with a feature in Machinery Update, PPMA’s flagship publication. Leading with Cobalt’s commitment to a greener tomorrow and more efficient, low-energy solutions to print and apply, our feature demonstrates Cobalt’s position as an industry leader with regard to green developments.

The Machinery Update piece also highlights Cobalt’s barcoding solutions. With an emphasis on creating more streamlined warehouses, logistical operations, and IT departments, our team of specialist consultants are here to deliver more efficient solutions. To find out more and solve your barcoding challenges, check out how Cobalt could help you.